Available For Wholesale

Available For Wholesale

DARITY is a socially and environmentally sustainable collection of performance-minded clothing that is comfortable and stylish, designed to help all moms feel good and get through the physically-demanding years with children. Clothing that is designed for and works for them and their specific needs during this time of so much change.

We've done the work to create a complete, coordinated collection of styles that you can feel great about:

- Our fabrics are collectively Standard 100 OEKO-TEX certified, which means they have been tested for harmful chemicals and certified as safe to wear for mama

- Our performance (breathable, antibacterial, wicking) eco-fabrics include organic lyocell, organic cotton, and regenerated nylon from mills with the high sustainability practices to conserve water, reduce waste, recycle

- Our production partner is compliant and focused on eco and ethical sustainability practices (fair wages, safe practices, green manufacturing)

- We give at least 3% of our profits to support quality paid family leave, global maternal wellness, and local postpartum care.

Brand Values: Eco-friendly, Social Good, Organic, Women-Owned, Not on Amazon

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Selah, Founder/CEO of DARITY

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