About Us

Why Darity?

Becoming a mother is an amazing experience - a transition that is physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. It’s also a marathon - Moms are athletes that are hustling, multi-tasking (cooking, feeding, playing, comforting), on-the-run. 

At DARITY, we want to make the transition to becoming a mom easier, and we believe moms deserve a more holistic option. What exists today are segmented pieces - some focused on style or function, most not focused on performance. Moms are left to figure out the best way across extensive research to coordinate these pieces together.

DARITY is a community of moms and complete collection of performance-minded clothing that is comfortable and stylish, designed to help all moms feel good and get through the physically-demanding years with children. Clothing that is designed for and works for them and their specific needs during this time of so much change.

We've done the work to create a complete, coordinated collection of styles that you can feel great about:

  • Our fabrics are collectively Standard 100 OEKO-TEX certified, which means they have been tested for harmful chemicals and certified as safe to wear for mom (and baby)
  • Our performance (breathable, antibacterial, wicking) eco-fabrics include organic lyocell, organic cotton, and regenerated nylon from mills with the high sustainability practices to conserve water, reduce waste, recycle
  • Our production partner is compliant and focused on eco and ethical sustainability practices (fair wages, safe practices, green manufacturing)
  • Our packaging is reusable, recycled/recyclable, and/or compostable
  • We give at least 3% of our profits to support quality paid family leave, global maternal wellness, and local postpartum care. 

Who is DARITY?

DARITY is a women-owned and operated maternity and postpartum apparel brand based out of Cary, NC with a global partnership footprint.

This company was created from amazingly talented and passionate mothers.

  • Our founder grew up in the management consulting industry, specializing in optimizing business operations, customer experience, and strategic planning
  • Our all-women design and product development team was led by strong women and mothers who understood firsthand the design and quality challenges with existing maternity wear. Their background in athleisure, swim, and intimate apparel design was the perfect blend of expertise needed to create DARITY's unique and innovative pieces
  • Our creative team has a passion for sharing stories and emotion through visualization – we want to portray motherhood in all its beauty, struggles, and journeys