Our Manifesto

Our Manifesto

Why not leave "well enough" alone? There's plenty of clothing brands with options for pregnant and postpartum women. That's true. But I believed that maternity and postpartum wear could be so much better for moms. The kind of better we always want for our kids, right?

Hi there - I'm Selah, founder and CEO of DARITY. 
I'm a millennial mom to a spunky 2-year old girl, proud daughter of two Korean first-generation immigrants to the U.S.,  and I'm a former strategy consultant that lived that <glamorous> (ha) nomadic lifestyle running between clients sites, tackling big problems, ordering Chipotle bowls on repeat. But more on me later - back to you!

Rather than choosing between functionality, performance, or design - I wanted to create a clothing line that orchestrated all three without compromise. Rather than treating motherhood as a temporary phase of fast and forgettable fashion - I wanted to build an innovative, minimalist, and lasting collection that could really support mothers of newborns to teens. 

We're so excited to share DARITY with you - because everything about this brand is our love letter to mothers. We see and know you because we ARE you - SAH/WFH/WOH moms who are doing the dang thing trying to stay sane while raising our future generation. And so I wanted to start off by sharing our heart and purpose with you...


DARITY is a complete, coordinated collection of versatile pieces thoughtfully crafted with the performance, style, and fit that modern mothers require. We make products that make moms feel more confident, comfortable, and capable.

. Being a mom is freaking hard. I googled non-stop for 6 months straight on lactation, sleep safety, sleep training, food transitions, allergies, skin issues. My confidence was at an all-time low on top of being sleep deprived with exhausting milk supply issues. The last thing I needed was to try to figure out what to wear every day "um, how do you keep these nursing pads in place, do I need to wear a bra, how do I switch from my nursing bra to pumping bra, do I bother changing to go out?".... I designed our clothes to make you feel effortless and fully confident that you're not wasting time and money.

Comfortable.  Sure, maternity wear today is soft and stretchy - but is it functionally comfy? I was uncomfortable and fidgety in my oversized strap maternity bra with gobs of padded cups that made me feel years beyond my age. When I sweated or leaked milk, I felt that yucky "moist" (eew) feeling for way too long. The flimsy and aggressive ruched fabrics that clung to my body like clingfilm had my constantly readjusting my clothes in public like those car dealership wind blowers.  I realized that tailored lines with weighted, wicking, breathable fabrics could fix this dilemma - but I also realized that most brands do not want to invest in this high-end fabric and design for moms because it's a complex challenge and expensive to do. I was excited by the challenge and willing to make that investment in supporting moms - diving in DEEP researching hundreds of fabrics, making thousands of tweaks and adjustments to get these clothes to fit optimally on all real mom bodies.

Capable.  As a mom, life is demanding.*cue Cinderella* "feed, bathe, clothe, protect, nurture, entertain, teach, celebrate, transport, email, network". I wanted clothing that could support the demands of moms in any stage of life - to be your Swiss army knife of outfits. Everything coordinates, is breathable, machine washable, moisture wicking, transitional from home to playground to office. 

And so here we are...what now?

In the next couple of months, you'll see us gearing up for our official launch!
This has been two years of dreams, sweat and tears, and anticipation.

We have so much more to share with you - more about our commitments to you, the environment, and maternal health/wellness worldwide.

Stay tuned for exciting updates, some behind the scenes, sneak peeks, and more. And keep on keeping on right now during this widely challenging time of life.

Cheering you on,


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